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You want to see Hawaii, but maybe you don’t want to see it with strangers. That’s where our customizable private island tours come in. As these are truly, genuinely “private,” you can go on this tour with the people of your choice.
This is the perfect experience for the entire family. The sights you see on this tour and the memories you make will be talked about for many years to come. By that same token, these are also great for business travelers. Whether you want to bring the team closer together, or reward them for a job well done, a tour through Hawaiian beauty fits the bill.

Your Tour, Your Choice

In addition to choosing who goes on the tour, you can choose where the tour goes as well. There’s so much to see and do on Oahu, it can be difficult to narrow it down. That’s why we’ve made a tour that allows you to experience so much of what Oahu has to offer. Below, we’ve collected just some of the sights and attractions that you can choose to incorporate into your tour. With so many wonderful choices, the tour you put together will always be special.

private honolulu tour There’s beauty, and then there’s Diamond Head State Monument. A crater that’s 300,000 years old, there are views here unlike anything else overlooking the Pacific and Honolulu. The military has used it in the past to prevent attacks, and you’ll be able to use it to see sights you couldn’t elsewhere.

pearl harbour  Pearl Harbor is one of those American places everyone should see once in their life. The site of the December 7th, 1941 attacks, this national park is worth it.

hanauma bay Hanuauma Bay, a protected marine life conservation area and underwater park, has often been voted as one of the best beaches in the United States. One look and it’s easy to see why. Reminder: it’s closed on Tuesdays.  

halona blowholeHawaii is filled with natural wonders, which include the Halona Blowhole. The geysers here can get as high as 30 feet in the air.

cs honolulu toursThe Nuuanu Pali Lookout gives you truly panoramic views. Without city life anywhere in sight, you’ll be able to better experience the natural beauty of the Windward Coast, the Koolau Cliffs, and more.

macadamianutfarm shutterstock A Macadamia Nut Farm might not seem like a natural part of a Hawaiian trip, but just one taste of the coffee or the nuts and you’ll think otherwise. This is one of those little-known gems.

fumisshrinktruck  cfc kWhen on a Hawaiian tour, you want to take in some true Hawaiian cuisine. That’s why we can take you to Fumi’s Shrimp Truck. This genuinely famous garlic shrimp truck is the perfect place for lunch during a tour.

haleiwa  cb kHaleiwa Town, or as it’s also known, the Surfing Capital of the World, has miles of incredible beaches. You might be able to see some green sea turtles here, too!

private island tour doleDole Plantation may have started as a fruit stand 69 years ago, but now it’s one of Oahu’s most popular attractions. Fun (and delicious) for the entire family, you’ll have incredible meals and experiences, all courtesy of Dole.

waterfall tour honoluluWaimea Waterfall is a truly grand waterfall.  Surrounded by lush botanical gardens, this waterfall makes any tropical tour complete.

alohastadiumswapmeet  bc kThe best deals in town (or really, anywhere) can be found at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet. As much an opportunity as it is a spectacle, this open area market must be seen to be believed. It’s available Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

national memorial cemetery of the pacific The National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific is a national cemetery located at Punchbowl Crater in Honolulu, Hawaii. It serves as a memorial to honor those men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces, and those who have given their lives in doing so.

kingkamehameha  dbb kKing Kamehameha Statue has several Kamehameha statues honoring the monarch who founded the Kingdom of Hawaii

iolani palace The ʻIolani Palace was the royal residence of the rulers of the Kingdom of Hawaii beginning with Kamehameha III under the Kamehameha Dynasty and ending with Queen Liliʻuokalani under the Kalākaua Dynasty, founded by her brother, King David Kalākaua.

Of course, those are just a sampling of the locations that we can include in your tour. If you want to request other locations around Oahu, we can work something out.

More Options, More Opportunities

We know that while you want to have an incredible experience, you want to be able to return to your home, as well. That’s why we make sure that our Hawaiian tour is reasonably priced. One to seven passengers can take a private tour for just $680. That’s all it takes for a ticket to see Hawaii in all its beauty. If you have a larger party, we can accommodate that as well. Eight to fourteen people can take our tour for just $900.

To be clear, this isn’t just a tour, it’s an experience. We don’t just quickly take you from place to place. We know that you came to Hawaii to truly take it all in, so we’ve made sure to give you ample time to do so. Our tours run from 8 AM to 6 PM, or 9 AM to 7 PM.

Oahu is waiting. We can’t wait to show you everything the island has to offer. You can call us (808) 445-4059 or email to make a reservation.